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Days to Close: 30 days
Burlington, NC
The property was purchased in a traditional real estate close in 2019 from an elderly lady who was a tired landlord. She had tenants who were mad regarding an eviction and vandalized the property. We were able to purchase and clean the property up, and rent it for 4 years at an affordable rate for the market. After the last tenants moved out, we then fully renovated the property in 2023. New home owners moved in to a beautifully remodeled home in September 2023.



This former rental owned by a tired landlord, had been vandalized with spray painted graffiti everywhere. We purchased the house as is and began remodeling.
In this house we replaced the HVAC, sealed the crawl space to eliminate water intrusion, and repaired water damage already done. We added new flooring and resurfaced the existing hardwoods, painted the entire house both interior and exterior, and purchased new appliances, a new tub and shower and a new vanity. Outside we had to tear down the carport that was only 6 feet high and pressure wash the driveway.

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